Monday, October 25, 2010

1. Read post. 2. Lol at post. 4. $$PROFIT$$.

Today I woke up, went to school, slept in class, woke up, took a test, hardcore failed, another test, passed it, slept, woke up, had my friend pass it back to me, aced it, 8 lunch, went back to class, listened to teacher ramble, fell back asleep, woke up to fire drill, ran away screaming, called police, hid from the fire, watched police get owned by guy with flaming drill, attempted to call swat, realized I couldn't yell loud enough, borrowed a cellphone, accidentally set off car bomb, taken to jail, water boarded, came back to shore, went back out for a nice surf, had my ninth lunch, slept, woke up, looked at clock, 1:30pm, went back to jail, water boarded some more, escaped, used military helicopter, slept with military helicopter ;), finally woke up, wrote blog, received profit.

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